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Forklift loader. Pallet stacker truck equipment at warehouse

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At Foxx Freight our personnel will swiftly unload, sort and separate your inbound freight. We excel at providing inbound freight services that will exceed your expectations. we also provide unloading of your back-hauls/managed loads; we can provide a highly competitive rate for unloading your back-hauls and/or managed deliveries.we provide simplified billing and reduced labor costs.

Our freight handling services cover the full range of supply chain management. Foxx Freight provides unparalleled lumper services, But we know that the only logistics solution that matters is yours. Let's discuss your freight handling services requirements!



  • On-Site Management of our personnel

  • Freight Unloading Services

  • General Warehouse Services

  • Outbound Loading

Hand truck and boxes inside semi-truck at loading dock
Warehouse Man Worker
Empty semi-truck at loading dock


Phone: (803) 879-3331


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